Chronic wounds are a major global health problem. 1-2% of the general population are affected, and the incidence is likely to increase due to the aging population and the rising prevalence of metabolic diseases. The market potential for wound care products is estimated at more than 18 billion $ in 2021.
There is a high medical need for novel and more efficient therapies for chronic, non-healing wounds.

We focus on a new systems-biology driven translational drug discovery approach for the therapy of chronic wounds. Our unique entry point takes advantage of the fact that the pathogenic drivers of wound chronicity are contained in patient material. Using patient samples we have established and patented novel assay systems which we use for compound screening, profiling and developing devices for personalized medicine.

Poster Presentations at International Meetings

Wolff-Winiski B, Fahrngruber H, Dörfler P, Schöfmann N, Stütz A
Establishment of a pig model of delayed wound healing using human wound exudate
3rd Inflammatory Skin Disease Summit, Vienna, Austria, 2018

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Dörfler P, Stütz A, Wolff-Winiski B
Effect of exogenous platelet-derived growth factor on proliferation of human fibroblasts in the presence of human wound exudates
International Investigative Dermatology Meeting, Orlando, USA, 2018

J Invest Dermatol 138, Suppl 1:S242, Abstr. No 1428

Dörfler P, Bauer W, Görge T, Luger T, Rappersberger K, Stingl G, Stockinger T, Stütz A, Wolff-Winiski B
Comparative analysis of cytokines, proteases and growth factors in human wound exudates obtained by vacuum therapy
47th European Society Dermatological Research Meeting, Salzburg, Austria, 2017

J Invest Dermatol 137, Suppl 1:S312, Abstr. No 694